Appointed. Implemented

Państwowa Galeria Sztuki w Sopocie, poziom 0.

2020-03-20 00:00 - 2020-06-21 00:00


Appointed. Implemented

Exhibition at State Gallery of Art, Sopot.

8 V - 9 VIII 2020

tue-n 11:00-19:00



The Starmach Gallery had the pleasure to present the exhibition 'Games. Works from the Starmach Gallery Collection' exhibition in 2019.

This year's presentation 'Appointed. Implemented' is continuing the cooperation of both institutions. The new exhibition is another challenge for us and an extremely interesting adventure. 'Appointed. Implemented' is the exhibition where works of recognized classics of Polish art have been put together: the Tadeusz Kantor cycle 'Everything is Hanging by a Thread' and the space-occupying and viewer-attracting Edward Krasiński's 'Labyrinth', the function and purpose-changing Magdalena Abakanowicz's 'Rope', Mikołaj Smoczyński's 'Multiplied Form' and mysterious 'microgalaxies' created by Marek Piasecki. They all share a common interests in breaking stereotypical thinking about work of art seen as a painting or sculpture only. The exhibition may be explored in many ways: one of them can be a story about space, another about the object itself. The focus is switched towards thinking about space as a key element in building a work of art. This is the way space was used by Krasiński: 'Am I transferring one reality into another [...]? I'm not transferring, I'm adding'. The stripe is a form, an object reduced to an absolute minimum. A minimum in blue.

A blue scotch tape comes from the real world to break into other forms: items, images and objects. Krasiński in a specific way objectifies the space using blue scotch tape. Thanks to this, space has become a material for him.

Maria Poprzęcka writes about the exhibition in her essay: Is an exhibition titled 'appointed' and 'implemented' a provocation, then? Is it an exhibition set counter to Kantor's 'Anti-Exhibition'? The permanence of the works against the 'fluid state' of the creative process? 'Appointment' versus lawlessness? Or perhaps it is a challenge issued to Kanto: 'I contest'? I contest what happened with the creative process understood as 'all those things that have not yet become works of art'. I contest what has come of the destructive passion embodied by the Aneantisating Machine that dominated the 'Anti-Exhibition'.

The exhibition is accompanied by the excellent catalogue 'Appointed. Implemented. Works from the Starmach Gallery Collection' designed by Ryszard Bienert. The publication contains two essays Professor Maria Poprzęcka 'Appointed. Implemented' and curator Julita Deluga's 'The Hidden Life of Objects'. The catalogue contains also the album part with extensive photographic material. In addition, the publication includes a detailed list of works with miniature photos of all objects presented at the exhibition.