2018-07-13 - 2018-09-07


Piotr Lutyński in his latest project called Multidimensionality is considering the problem of elusiveness and impossibility of describing the fullness of our experience. The artist asks if we can say with certainty that things are or are not there since we are aware of the infinity of the universe and our deficiencies in the knowledge about its functions.

Lutyński's art has always been an affirmation of life, which was clearly visible in the artist's previous exhibitions at the Starmach Gallery, especially in Narodziny (2006). Each exhibition of the artist checks whether the concept of ‘life’ has any limits. When Second Life (2009) was a reflection based on eschatological thought and asked what is happening to us after death, the currently presented Multidimensionality focuses on the matter that creates us.

How does our perception change when we act knowing that all the cells that build our bodies are constantly dying and replaced by new ones? An awareness of fact that all atoms that build the whole world around us are also subject to constant exchange makes us perceive ourselves and the cosmos differently.

Lutyński tries to reflect this paradox of simultaneous being and non-being by use of a combination of figuration, taken primarily from the world of fauna, and abstraction. Moreover, an important element of the exhibition is a rover - a robot controlled by an artist that circulates between the paintings through the gallery space.

Following the example of rovers sent to search for life on other planets, the Lutyński's rover was sent to exploration, which is also supposed to bring the discovery of life, but in many dimensions.