Jacek Maria Stokłosa. The Krzysztofory Gallery

2018-11-06 - 2019-03-31


The Krzysztofory Gallery in Krakow was a gallery run by the Kraków Group and the Cricot 2 theater. From its creation in 1958 to the first years of the 21st century, it was one of the leading centers of post-war avant-garde and independent artistic thought in Poland.

Jacek Maria Stokłosa has been accompanying the Krzysztofory Gallery continuously since 1961. He photographed exhibitions, vernissages and café life. Among the events immortalized by the artist, you can find, Tadeusz Kantor's performances, Edward Krasiński's debut, the first exhibition of Alfred Lenica after his admission to the Kraków Group, Jerzy Bereś's manifesto against the invasion of the Warsaw Pact on Czechoslovakia, and even a hippie ball with Olga 'Kora' Ostrowska and Ryszard 'Pies' Terlecki.

Over two hundred photographs were selected for the needs of the exhibition including series of portraits of the Kraków Group members. The exhibition is accompanied by an album containing reproductions of all works shown, a calendar and memories of the Krzysztoft Gallery visitors.

The exhibition is organized to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the opening the Krzysztofory Gallery.