Jerzy Nowosielski, Market Square in Bolków, 1967

Nowosielski Foundation

In the building at ul. Węgierska 5 is also the seat of the Nowosielski Foundation established in May 1996 on the initiative of Zofia and Jerzy Nowosielski. The aim of this institution is to support and promote the most valuable phenomena in contemporary culture, both Polish and global, including by organizing exhibitions, symposiums and scientific sessions, and cultural exchange with artistic centers in the country and abroad, supporting the achievements of creators of various generations and various fields of study, including by establishing an annual Prize of the Nowosielski Foundation and awarding young artists with various forms of scholarship assistance, as well as documenting and full inventory of Jerzy Nowosielski's works - both painting and writing - and inspiring scientific research on his work.

Węgierska 5 Street

30-535 Kraków, Polska

T: +48 12 656 43 17, +48 12 656 49 15

F: +48 12 656 55 16